Zeeland Family acquires H1, and this is good news!

Zeeland Family is an advertising agency, PR agency, media agency, digital agency and lots more. All of us at H1 (Aki, Jenny, Daniel, Marco ja Tomi) will be joining Zeeland and strengthening their WordPress expertise. This also means that all the amazing talent and services of Zeeland Family are easily accessible to our existing clients. We have more bandwidth, but you can still directly contact our personnel like before.

During the years at H1 we have seen how WordPress is great for sites large and small, which fits well into Zeeland Family’s aim to serve as many Finnish companies as possible.

We’d like to thank all our clients for the journey we’ve made together so far, and we believe in the future we can serve you even better as part of the most versatile marketing agency in Finland.

Zeeland Family sales: +358 10 231 9000

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